Types of decorative lighting

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Decorative lighting is lighting that is primariCozy Decorative Lighting ledinus 13ft/4m 40 led globe ly used for aesthetic purposes, and secondary for functional purposes. You will thus find that most decorative lighting has very decorative pieces incorporated in the fixture while still providing some good amount of light for use. It thus acts as a jewel in the room where it is applied. It is common to find decorative lighting in homes where lighting is taken seriously, viz layering the lighting Elegant Decorative Lighting decorate your place with decorativein task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting. The different types of decorative lighting you are sure to spot in these homes include the following:


Though these are very common in some homes, chandeliers are primarily used for decorative lighting. People are mostly used to the crystal chandelier, but there are many other different types of chandeliers thaNew Decorative Lighting decorative lighting-06t are very versatile in nature. Most of these will have up lights as well as down lights that are attached to many arms, thus forming the chandelier. The chandeliers fit well in rustic as well as traditional home décor themes and are suitable for use mostly in the dining room and bedroom.


Similar to chandeliers in that they hang from the ceiling, the only difference Decorative Lighting ge halogen decorative lightingis that the pendants do not hang from arms and are not as decorative as the chandeliers. Each light bulb in a pendant is independent of other light bulbs that each hangs from its own cord. There are a few variations of the pendants such as the drum shade pendant and the Tiffany style pendants. These are best used in modern and contemporary home décor themes and are suitable for dining rooms, liviDecorative Lighting decorative lighting-13ng rooms, and entryways.

Ceiling fans with Lights

This type of decorative lighting consist of a ceiling fan that has light bulbs attached the blades of the fans. This type of lighting thus serves both functional and decorative purposes. The blades come in different types of finishing while the light bulbs can be assembled in different styles that are suitable for use with the Decorative Lighting shop nowblades. This type of decorative lighting is suitable for any type of home décor theme.

Wall Sconces

These can serve two purposes; to either provide accent lighting or ambient lighting. There are many different types of wall sconces that are made to serve either of the two mentioned purposes. Apart from the two lighting requirements, wall sconces can still be used for task lighting especially in the bathrooms.


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