Types of decorative chandeliers

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Following are the types of chandeliers:<Decorative Table Lamps table lamp from decorative crafts /p>

Adam Style Chandeliers

These are the neoclassic style decorative chandeliers that can be installed in the living rooms and in the entryways to make the lighting eye-catching. These are easily available in the markets and come in great variety of colors.

Arm Plate Chandeliers

The lighting part of the chandeliers is known as the stem. The Arms plate decoratDesign Ideas Decorative Table Lamps decorative table lampive chandeliers have a wooden or metal arm on which the lighting material is fixed. It gives the room a modern and contemporary look.

Candle Beam Chandeliers

The candle beam  is one kind of chandeliers that have lighting material made like that of the candle. These give a contemporary look to the chandeliers. A cross is made out of two wooden or metallic beams that have candDecorative Table Lamps the pastoral bar with decorativele shaped fixed at the end.

Canopy Styled Chandeliers

The canopy styled chandelier is very common these days. These decorative chandeliers are often installed in the living rooms. An inverted shallow dish is placed over the bulbs of the chandeliers that give the shape of the canopy.

Crystal Chandeliers

The crystal chandeliers are primarily made up of a glDecorative Table Lamps image of: cordless table lampsass material, it gives a special quality of clarity, resonance and enhanced lighting to the room. These are modern decorative chandeliers.

Neoclassical Style Chandelier

The neoclassical chandeliers have many additional features that make it modern. These have delicate arms, spires, and strings of octagonal, oval or rhomboid shaped. These are usually installed in the rooms thaAwesome Decorative Table Lamps decorative table lamps tot have wider interior space.

Regency Style Chandelier

The regency style chandeliers have a multitude of drops. A canopy is formed by a hoop. Above the hoop strings of beads become smaller in size and attach to form a canopy like structure. The pointed glass is primarily used in the manufacture of the regency styled chandeliers. It is attached in concentric circles, forming a Inspiration Decorative Table Lamps decorative crafts brass andwaterfall like an illusion.

The Spire Styled Chandeliers

The spire style is mostly made using the glass material. A tall spike of glass or flat sided glass is used to make up the chandelier. To this glass, the arms and other decorative items of the chandeliers are connected. These are also made of glass material.

Festoon Chandeliers

Festoon Chandeliers are another type of decorative chandeliers. These are garland-shaped, an arrangement of glass drops or beads drapes are made over these chandeliers. A solid piece of glass is hung over the chandelier, which takes the shape of a garland.

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