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In earlier days the chandelier adorned the foyeStunning Brass Chandeliers traditional r like a bejeweled beauty extending a warm welcome to those who walked through the door.  Over time it quietly slipped indoors to make a statement and how!  Now the ubiquitous chandelier is waited upon by its companions- the additional fixtures.

Why the Extras?

Just as variety is the spice of life, Chandeliers are the spice of light. The chandelier is the unmistakable favorBrass Chandeliers charleston aged brass eight-light chandelierite for the position of the centre piece and the focal point of a room’s décor. Yet, like the main dish of a meal, it still requires the “side dishes” to enhance its beauty and make it complete. It needs to be backed up by other fixtures like the task lighting, accent lighting, track lighting and even a pendant light or two to produce the desired ambience and lighten up the dead areas.

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The Extras That Add Up

The available options for the accompanying fixtures for the chandelier are aplenty. Depending on the desired effect, one can choose from the various options. Each room could use specific options. In the foyer floor lamps and spot lights could accentuate and add warmth to the foyer.

The living room could double up as an activity room for the children Brass Chandeliers brass chandelier antique brass chandelier antique  and would therefore require lighting fixture to address this need. One could use floor lamps or side table lamps to enliven corners. Spot lights and accent lights could be used to draw attention to any artifacts on display. Track lights and concealed spot light s could be used to create drama with shadow and light.

The dining area could use a few accent lights or floor lamps to enhance tHome Decor Brass Chandeliers traditional 10-light polished brasshe ambient lighting provided by the chandelier.

The kitchen will require a lot of mixed lighting fixtures to reach the light to all the nooks and crannies of the kitchen.  They could be a mix of under counter lights, task lights, track lights and even rope lights.

The bedroom lighting could comprise a few pendant lights or floor lamps placed in the corner, a couple of side table lamIdeas of Brass Chandeliers click here for productps and task lights for the writing table if needed.

In the bathroom, pendant lights could be used over the vanity area and accent or task lights around the mirror to provide adequate brightness.

Along with all these fixtures the dimmer switches are a prerequisite to regulate the brightness of the lights.

The Extra Dressing

The chandeliers come in various materials like brass, bronze, copper in an all new avatar- more appealing and enticing. They are also available in blown glass, frosted glass and painted glass. These coupled with myriad options of shades either vibrant or demure, complete the delectable décor to picture perfection.

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