“the cavity of architectural lighting”

Architectural Lighting illumination design has become a creative

It is one of the fields within the electrical eArchitectural Lighting ... architectural lighting with architectural lights ngineering, interior designing and architecture, which is totally concerned with the design system of lightning including electric light or natural light or both to attend the human wants. The design process justifies the activity for which it is needed, the required amount, the spreading and sharing, the color of light for the entire environment or for a specific object.

Architectural lighAwesome Architectural Lighting architectural lightingting design talks interior and exterior lighting requirements within commercial spaces as well as residential .Lighting can be a compulsion, or it may for a decorative purpose. In today’s world many people are willing to pay a higher price for CFLs compact fluorescent light bulbs with a long lasting life cycle or for LED light emitting diode to receive less electric bills. For example like a spoImages of Architectural Lighting architectural lighting designrts complex or a student’s knowledge library are mainly concerned with providing the right amount of light for the connected assignment and e.g. for showroom buildings and warehouses are mostly concerned with saving electric bills through efficiency of lighting system. It can be understood that architectural lighting design as the piece of crafting space interior or exterior through light. This Architectural Lighting architectural-lighting-1is illumination completed in performance with architecture. It is all about creating an intelligence of atmosphere and place using light as the main medium of expression.

Types of Architectural Lighting

An architectural lighting is often engaged to highlight the special style and design aspects of a house or courtyard. It is generally placed in the area of entryway, Porches anArchitectural Lighting architectural lighting - pacific staged arches, on and all around pillars and the surfaced exteriors of structures such as dividers and other structures and to highpoint statues, fishponds or other structural features.

Major aspects of the illumination of buildings or spaces

First is the artistic appeal of a building. Second is the ergonomic aspect that to what extent the lighting plays the role and the third is eContemporary Architectural Lighting comments ...nergy efficiency in means of wastage. These three aspects are at high consideration when light designer is at work.

Benefits for Architectural lighting design

The designs of architectural lighting have a capacity to enrich the architecture and form the wanted atmosphere it can be in commercial, residential, transportation, hospitality, retail and historical. It sidesteps the fitting conditions. As far as the environment is concerned it is efficient it does not only reduce cost but also saves energy and maintenance costs.

Light moves humans’ moods and facility to perform tasks. By architectural lighting office spaces, buildings and businesses can result in safety and comfort of their people.


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