Table lamps for bedroom- features and varieties

Table lamps for bedroom- features and varieties

A good bedside lighting is an important factor of the bedroom. Table lamps on the bedside table provide a balance and a sense of good symmetry to the room.


The height of the table lamps for bedroom depends upon the dimensions of the room. A large master bedroom with high ceilings and a king sized bed can accommodate a large sized table lamp next to the bed. Small bedrooms with small side tables would require a smaller sized table lamp. The main factor however, is the functional aspect of the table lamp. It should be suitable for reading without glare. If the nightstand is twenty four to thirty inches tall, the lamp should be twenty seven to thirty two inches tall. Taller lamps are good for comfortable reading.

Swing-arm lamps are good as bedside table lamps because they do not occupy a large space on the table. They should be kept at a correct height. The ideal height is determined by the reading position such as seated or lying down. The lights should not be so high that there is a glare on the pages. The excellent way to determine the ideal height is to get into the bed in a normal reading position and measuring from the floor to just above the shoulder height.

There are many varieties of table lamps for bedroom. Two of them are as follows.


Blue and White Porcelain temple jar table lamp, Ted Dark Bronze touch table lamp, Duval French Crystal candlestick table lamp, Bronze openwork vase table lamp, Cut glass urn with brass accents table lamp, Samuel swing arm mica shade desk lamp, Onyx night light table lamp, Dubois crystal spray console table lamp, Golden Copper stippled table lamp, Stiffel satin brass table lamp, Isabella ivory ceramic table lamp, Brass candlestick table lamp, English floral hand painted ginger jar table lamp, Bronze finish swing arm table lamp and Gold console lamp with alabaster glass.


Brushed steel open window rectangular table lamp, Tremont Bronze Iron table lamp, Floating square table lamp, Steel droplet table lamp with cylinder shade, Auburn hammered bronze table lamp, Deco dome touch lamp, Claudette turquoise glass table lamp, Walnut and Nickel deco dome table lamp, Kayley blue ceramic table lamp, Mercury glass triple gourd table lamp and Silver Leaf hammered metal cylinder table lamp.

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