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Ceiling lights form an essential part of any stGlass Ceiling Lamp Shades buy john lewis easy-to-fit yle of home décor. Variety of shapes and designs celling lamp shades are now available that suit all decors. If you want to make it yourself, here is a quick guide for it.

Material needed –

Ugly worn out lampshade – remove the old fabric if you still have it there.
fabric of you desire to have on shade
for lining you’ll need white fabric
lamp loop
lamp cord
pull chain socGlass Ceiling Lamp Shades thumbnail 1 ...ket
Hot glue gun for adhesion.

Method –

We start with the wiring of the shade and fitting the bulb in the shade. If you wish you can first decorate the shade and then attach the lightings to it.
Just note be careful while working with light and make sure you have plug out the lamp before you start. In your lamp loop attach one end of threaded nipple. From the middle of the laCreative Glass Ceiling Lamp Shades modern vintage pendantmp loop insert one end of your lamp cord. Slowly add the entire thing on the top of your lamp shade.
Open your pull chain socket. It is simple to do so and to free end of threaded nipple or loop attach the base of pull chain socket.
Of your lamp cord pull out few inches in the loop. With the help of scissors, cut the plastic of the wire. You should have around half inches of exposed wire.
CarefullGlass Ceiling Lamp Shades alabaster glass ceiling shadey tie two ends of the wire in pattern similar used for tying shoe lace.
Around the two screw attach the exposed wire on both sides and then secure them by tightening it in the socket. As you opened clos the socket back. This completes the wiring part of the ceiling lamp shade making.
Various stitching and extra load of work is often prescribed but here a shortcut to add cloth to the shade. From inGlass Ceiling Lamp Shades unique hanging lamp withside add the white cloth around the loop and secure the edges using hot gun glue. Yes it will work and even much faster.
Now take the desired cloth for the lamp shade and cut it little extra than the actual sizes.
Hem the extra edges to the inside of the loop. This will create a neat and complete look.


Your ceiling lamp shade is now ready to rock in any part of the houGlass Ceiling Lamp Shades glass pendant ceiling lightse. All you need is a hook on the ceiling to attach this to your indoor or outdoor lightings.

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