Planning home lighting design for your home

Outdoor Lighting Design outdoor landscape lighting

Lighting plays a very important and essential pOutdoor Lighting Design outdoor lighting designs | hgtv art in creating a safe and healthy environment for your home. Lighting has come a long way from the first bulb invented by Edison to the super efficient energy saving and decorative models that can transform your home and provide effective lighting solutions.

Planning a Home Lighting Project

The first step before planning a lighting project is the evaluation of the space requOutdoor Lighting Design baywood greens: outdoor lighting, landscapeired to be lit. Also evaluate the activities taking place in that particular room to determine the specific lighting fixtures   required. The lighting technology has evolved to the energy efficient compact fluorescent, halogen, LED and many other types of bulbs for a perfect home lighting design.

Basic Types of Structural Lighting

The three types of lighting are ambient, accOutdoor Lighting Design landscape lighting at its best.ent and task lighting. There are many options for providing light for homes from the integrated architectural solutions that have to be integrated by contractors or tradesman to the simple table lamps that can be just plugged in. The architectural light forms are cove, soffit and valance that are integrated in the structure of the room. These are mostly used for ambient lighting. Recessed lights aOutdoor Lighting Design 5 unique residential landscape lightingre another form of light that are installed above the ceiling and send a relatively narrow band of light in one direction. Track lighting is mounted or suspended from the ceiling and is used for task or accent lighting. Under cabinet lighting is popular as task lighting for the kitchen.

Various Types of Light Fixtures

Chandeliers or pendants are fixtures suspended from the ceOutdoor Lighting Design outdoor lighting designs | hgtviling. Chandeliers direct the light upwards providing ambient lighting while pendants direct light in a downward direction providing task lighting and are hung over a kitchen or dining table. Both these fixtures enhance the decorative style of the room. Ceiling lights are lights that are mounted directly to the ceiling with the light bulb being concealed with a glass or plastic shade thus providinOutdoor Lighting Design tree outdoor lighting designg ambient light. Wall Scones are surface mounted on the walls providing ambient or task lighting. Wall scones come with very attractive and stylish shades and they direct light in an upward or downward direction. Besides other lighting options are the desk lamps, table lamps and the floor lamps with table basically for working or reading.  All these light fixtures come in a wide variety and can decorate as well as enhance the ambience of your home.


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