Outdoor decoration with string lights

The lighting of the yard or garden, has two main functions, on the one hand, the decoration, as it allows us to delimit spaces and walks, or also focus on objects to highlight them, and on the other hand, security.

Lanterns and wall sconces.

With the wall sconces, you achieve the perimeter delimitation of the space of the garden that you want to illuminate, either in its entirety or a sector of it, while with the lanterns the general space illumination is achieved. Depending on the distance between them, you will also be able to create clearly lit spaces, with some areas in twilight, achieving an effect of lights and shadows.

String lights.

Until recently, outdoor string lights, whether single-colored or multicolored, were left for Christmas decoration in homes, offices, or public spaces. This is no longer the case, more and more people use them for the decoration of special events, even to leave them permanently as a decorative element of the garden.

A simple piece of wood placed on the top of two wooden barrels can also create a rustic bar for the backyard. If we add an old wheelbarrow to use as a cooler of beer bottles and sparkling, we already have an outdoor bar. But once the sun sets, it is difficult to see the drinks served, then a large installation of outdoor string lights can be used, so that a single filament of balloon lights is chained up to illuminate the top of the bar. Another line of small white lights is arranged at ground level to provide interesting and practical lighting to illuminate the menu of specialty drinks. And if all these elements we put them under a pergola, we already have our permanent bar in the backyard.

LED Garlands.

Every day is more common the use of LED lights, because of its high quality of lighting, low flicker, and energy saving, since they are the most efficient luminaries today.

The garlands are perfectly coupled to their environment, and are ideal for lighting outdoor spaces such as gardens or orchards, because they are elongated, flexible and do not produce fires. In addition, you can choose the color you want to give a touch of distinction to the decoration.

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