Oh! the things you can do with outdoor lighting

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Just as dressing well is significant to one’sThe Lighting Company the lighting company boftcte personality, decorating the exterior of the house is as important as maintaining the interiors. In fact, yards form, what we call in laymen terms, the “first impression” of the house and of the people receding in them. One of the main reasons people avoid outdoor decorations is because of the time and effort that have to be invested into it.

But what if you are told that you can decoraThe Lighting Company the light company - 1te your yard in less than 60 Minutes and that all you’ll need are outdoor lighting?

Here are a few ideas of decorating your yard without having to put in much effort or time and your yard will, indeed, feel like Christmas.

Fairy Lights

Let’s start with something extremely effortless, shall we? All you need are Fairy lights.  They go everywhere and with everything. The Lighting Company led light company reliable lightingYou don’t even have to buy them, just use the ones you used for Christmas. Hang them on your plants, wrap them around tree trunks or the ropes of the swing hanging from the tree, hook them to your fences, make a tent out of fairy lights above your garden, go crazy, have fun and let them do their magic!

Getting creative with string bulbs

If you wish the get a little more creaThe Lighting Company art deco lighting company edbxqestive and have some money to spare, then you can fit the light bulbs into mason jars, cupcake liners, paper bags, plastic flowers, plastic cups, tin lanterns or bottles. They will completely change the entire look of your garden. Just make sure that the fairy lights used are LED.

Traditional touch

If you’re into themes and want to try something authentic then you can use ChinThe Lighting Company custom illumination solutions gvqzvdtese lanterns and throw some strings of red crape paper around to give a traditional Chinese look. Another way to go is to have Tiki torches standing form the ground in the corners of your garden or around the tree. It would be perfect if you have a barbecue pit. You may also use Turkish pendant lights for a Pacific Asian look.


Lights don’t always have to be elevatedThe Lighting Company bright light design center pfhtgmx from the ground. Pathway lights are just as mystical. They can be leading people towards the house or the Gazebo in the garden, or towards a fountain. Pathway lights can also be scattered all around the garden making it seem like there are fireflies all over.

Under-the-table business

The extent of man’s laziness makes him creative in order to do the hardest things in the simplest ways.  And here is an ultimate example. If you’re too lazy and don’t want to put in any time or effort at all, just spread a table cloth over the coffee table in your garden and a few pathway lamps (with artificial fire) under it.

These are just some of the many ideas that can be used to give your garden the look you’ve always wished for. Outdoor lights will get you that look and it won’t take as much time as you think it would. Go out and make your garden look pretty!

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