Lamp app you can use instead of a real lamp

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What to do when your lamp has blown out and canNavy Blue Table Lamp navy blue mercury glass ’t help much in the middle of the night AND you are too lazy or too scared to get up and switch the light on? Here are some lamp apps you can install in your mobile phone for such unceremonious occasions:

Night table lamp by Danlu studios:

This lamp app is effortless to use. Just by gliding your mobile phone wherever you have put it, the app will instantly turn on. You can puNavy Blue Table Lamp abbyson living gourd ceramict a time duration on it as well to ensure that it does not run when it’s not required.

Night lamp by Villemobile:

You can use this lamp app even if you have a lamp simply to enjoy dim light in your room while you are reading a book or taking a bath. It also has a wide assemblage of colors for you to pick from and set so you can get some chromo therapy to relieve stress and wNavy Blue Table Lamp navy blue table lampeariness and relax your mind and free it from worries. The app is programmed to turn off by itself so it does not run all night long.

Lamp light by Adcoms:

 Lamplight offers simplistic means to turn your phone into a lamp when the real one’s out of reach or is broken or when you do not have one yet.

Lamp by stefsquared:

This easy peasy lamp app can be turneContemporary Navy Blue Table Lamp navy blue glassd instantaneously into an urgent lamp without the use of the phone’s flashlight which without a doubt eats up all the battery. It can be turned off simply by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Night lamp auto by Marc Garcia Lloveras:

The app mimics itself to look like a lamp when a sound or movement is detected. It is intended to use in a quiet place and to make sure that is doNavy Blue Table Lamp navy blue table lampne, you can alter the sensitivity of the sound and movement detector to your need.

Twilight by urbandroid:

This may not be a standard lamp app but it’s amazing if you’re looking for a normal sleep cycle when you have a habit of reading in bed off your phone. It filters all the blue light coming from the screen and gives a red tinge to it. This way the user doesn’Best Navy Blue Table Lamp safavieh lighting collectiont get unhealthy blue light (which distorts the sleep pattern and keeps you up all night) and gains an hour of sleep!


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