Installing wall lighting fixtures

Fashionable Wall Lighting Fixtures wall sconces

There are multiple wall mounting fixtures and mFashionable Wall Lighting Fixtures wall sconces ost of them are usually mounted on a vertical wall surface. Wall lighting fixtures are primarily used for either task lighting or to create ambiance in a room. Moreover, most wall lighting fixtures are easy to install provided that you have the necessary equipment.


You have o ensure that you assemble the necessary tools and equipment for the procedure; in this casContemporary Wall Lighting Fixtures modern wall light fixturese you will require a voltage tester, wire strippers and nuts, screw driver and a pliers. Prepare the work area and ensure that there are no obstacles that are likely to hinder the whole procedure. If you are replacing an old fixture, you have to ensure that you switch off the electrical power before removing the old fixture.

Safety precautions

You have to be very cautious whenAttractive Wall Lighting Fixtures impressive wall sconce light dealing with electricity therefore you have to turn off the electricity power supply and use your voltage tester to confirm that the power is off. The bottom line is that there should be no power at the fixture when you begin working on it.

In addition, if y intends to add a new wall lighting fixture to the existing one, you have to consult the relevant authorities to acquire the relevant Wall Lighting Fixtures ... wall light fixtures bathroominformation.

Energy saving

Wall lighting fixtures are incredible in that they make your house lively but it is also advisable to use energy saving light fixtures. For instance, you can opt for the LED and the CFL lights instead of standard lights and they will help you save on electrical costs and if you are replacing a fixture that is still operational, you can either installUnique Wall Lighting Fixtures sconces with switches · them in other rooms or donate to charities.

Procedure to follow

Step 1: replacing an old fixture

First, you have to turn off electrical supply, and test to confirm that the power is completely off. Remove the shade, glass globe or bulb carefully, then using your pliers, remove the screws or nuts and pull the fixture from the wall and make sure that you do not yaWall Lighting Fixtures swing arm wall lampsnk the wires.

Step 2: installing the new fixture

Before installing the wall lighting fixture, you have to strip off some of the insulation wires at the tip, connect the wires by slightly twisting them, black to black, copper to copper and white to white. Carefully fold the wires into the junction box and place the wall fixture onto the studs by attaching them with their appropriate cover plates

Step 3: Install your bulbs and globes

You can now install any shades, globes or bulbs that go with your installed fixture and then enjoy the experience.

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