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Commercial lighting will often require more attCommercial Light Fixtures ... fluorescent suspended commercial lighting ention than home lighting because business establishments are places where people spend more time than home, and customers as well as employees need sufficient light in order to perform their tasks as well as enjoy visiting the establishment. Though power consumption and cost are top concern in budgeting, a commercial establishment can still be able to obtain reasonable lighting while keeping the Commercial Light Fixtures commercial lighting fixturescosts at a minimum. This article discusses some of the commercial light fixtures that commercial establishments use.

Incandescent Lighting

Though incandescent lighting is mostly used at home, some commercial establishments use them for their lighting needs.

Pros: These are preferred because of the light they produce which is almost like natural sunlight and they are alsCommercial Light Fixtures led add commercial lights fixtureso cheap to purchase. However,

Cons: they produce a lot of heat, as only 15% of their energy is what is used as light, with the rest coming out as heat. They are also short lived and require constant replacements.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lighting is a variation to the incandescent lighting and is becoming very popular in commercial light fixtures.

Pros: They consCommercial Light Fixtures ... commercial led lighting fixturesume less energy and produce a whiter light as compared to incandescent lighting. They also produce a pleasant color, similar to natural sunlight.

Cons: Their life span is much shorter than the incandescent light’s lifespan, and they also cost a lot more than incandescent lights.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting

These are similar to fluorescent light bulbs. The only differPopular Commercial Light Fixtures picture of fluorescent, metalence is that they are tempered to produce light that is similar to that of an incandescence bulb. These are also known as CFLs and come in various types and sizes to suit the three basic lighting layers.

Pros: They are up to 4 times more efficient as compared to incandescent lighting, and last up to 10 times longer. They also produce less heat and are cheap to purchase.

Cons: They taCommercial Light Fixtures ... led commercial light fixtureske a little longer to fully light up, and contain some mercury which when the bulb is broken will require extra care in handling.

Tubular Fluorescent Lighting

These are very common in most commercial lighting and is also one of the most efficient when it comes to energy saving. These light fixtures often use ballast which can either be electrical or magnetic. Te electrical ones are more energy efficient than the magnetic ones.

High Intensity Discharge (HID)

These are rather new in use, tough the idea has been around for a long time.

Pros: They produce brilliant light at a much lesser price as compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. They also produce a blue-white light which illuminates much farther than other light sources.

Cons: The area around the light beam is less illuminated and the light beams cause glare.


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