How to use lamps and more to brighten up a dull space

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Most designers don’t use any set of rule bookBlue And White Table Lamps geo modern blue s to establish a perfect design for a room. Actually good designers don’t work on rules but are rather guided by their instincts to know what’s right and what’s not. Those instincts are built from a many years of experience in dealing with different types of room decors. What such a designer will advise on decorating a room is that lighting accounts for a bigger percentage of the chicness ofBlue And White Table Lamps chinese blue white a room.

Lamps and more account for the amount of light in a room. For instance, apart from the lamps, the color of the walls, furniture and presence of windows add up to brightening a space. Here are a few more tips to brighten up your room.


Use of mirrors is one of the fastest ways of brightening up a space without digging into your pockets for an extra dime. Blue And White Table Lamps rose vine blueIncluding mirrors in your décor is an excellent way of brightening up any room especially if you have a small sized room. Mirrors reflect the little available light in the room to make a space glow even without proper lamps in place. If a full-wall mirror is not an option for you, then perhaps you may consider a table mirror. Just position it next to a bright source of light in the room, such as New Blue And White Table Lamps christophe 30a lamp, window or door.


Paints on the walls play a bigger role than just adding up to the décor of the space. Paint can also be used to brighten up a dull or dark room provided that the paint used is bright and neutral. A good painting that can brighten up a space is white or grey especially when used on the ceilings. A white ceiling does not only brighten up the spElegant Blue And White Table Lamps mystic tableace but also make the room lighter and airy.


Use of bright curtains in a room can play a great role in brightening up a dull space. You may consider using cream white or bright yellow colored curtains for windows if the windows need to be covered.


If you are living in a rental house, this option might be difficult unless consulted with thLarge Wooden Table Lamps large natural wooden tablee landlords. Otherwise for your own home, you may consider adding an extra window in the direction of sunrise to feel the soothing rays of the morning sunshine. If you already have windows in place, you may consider increasing their sizes.


If the above options do not work wonders as you expected, you may consider using lamps and more lamps in your room. However, be sure not to clutter up the space if the room is small. For a large sized room, you may consider adding more lamps to the already existing ones.

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