How to repair a three-way switch of a 3 way touch lamp

Touch Lamp Switch lamp parts: 3-level 4-wire touch switch for table lamp incandescent light

A three-way touch lamp has a rotary switch withTouch Lamp Switch touch lamps are easy to four-position that in combination of specifically designed that bulbs can be changed between lighting of the bulb in bright, moderate, and dim levels relatively. In case where the lamp is not working it is important to rule out the problems with plug, cord, outlet, and the bulb before you think to replace the three-way switch. Though its replacement is an inexpensive one and can be easily done byTouch Lamp Switch touch lamp: touch control lightswitch home owners. This will provide a step by step guide to Repair a Three-Way Switch of a 3 Way Touch Lamp –

Step 1 –

Remove the lamp’s power cord, and separate the light bulb, lamp shade and the shade mounting rod.

Step 2 –

In center of the bottom socket and the base slip a flat head screwdriver of small size. Now with gentle pressure ply the base away from thTouch Lamp Switch wiring instructions xvrxkaye socket. From the internal wiring lift the base from the socket as much as the wiring is allowing. Reveal the connecting wiring by sliding away the tube cardboard away from the base of lamp.

Step 3 –

Disconnect the two wires by unscrewing their connections.

Step 4 –

Remove the old assembly. For this twist the switch base off the shade mounting rod.

Step Touch Lamp Switch estone table light parts on/off5 –

On to the threaded rod, now start threading the new prepared assembly. To the color – coded – contact join the 2 colored wires appropriately and complete the circuit by tightening the screws. Now by sliding the cardboard piece down above this connected wiring, press base easily and smoothly into the socket and lock it into its position.

Step 6 –

Now use a fresh bulTouch Lamp Switch picture of wiring the switchb of desired wattage to replace the old light bulb. Now replace the lamp shade and its mounting rod.

Step 7 –

Test the lamp for its working. At the outlet insert in the lamp’s electrical cord and see if it’s working.

In case the touch of the lamp is gone you have to add new plug in box for it which is easily available in market or call a technician.


Touch Lamp Switch picture of wiring the switch



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