How to pick the right foyer chandeliers?

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Foyer chandeliers are ideal for lCool Bathroom Chandelier fancy bath lighting: inspiration and ighting up an entryway. However, people have issues with figuring out the right height of the chandelier. In several rooms, the chandelier needs to be hung above the floor by seven inches. This isn’t the case with foyer chandeliers. These shouldn’t be lower than seven inches but can certainly be higher.

Certain rules pertaining to the height of foyer chandeliers

If the foyImpressive Bathroom Chandelier luxurious french bathroom features aer is two storeys, then your fixture should be hanging below the second floor. If the foyer is just one storey then you need to follow the rule that there needs to be a distance of 7’6” to the floor from the bottom of the chandelier. You also need to remember that the foyer always needs to be hung in the middle of the room. Chandeliers appear smaller if they are hung quite high. Hence, it is cBest Bathroom Chandelier diy master bathroom with pedestalrucial to add a couple of inches to the fixture if you are considering hanging it high.

Consider the design

The placement of a foyer chandelier is also dependent on how the design would look in a space. You can consider varying the height based on the look you are planning to achieve. Based on the size, you can consider placing it a bit lower or higher. Ultimately it is up to Bathroom Chandelier white bathroom with chandelieryou to decide what looks best in your living space.

Chandelier size and height

Foyers and entrances are often the biggest rooms within any house. Table lamps can prove out to be great accent. However, a foyer chandelier can elevate the look of the place considerably. The size of the fixture is calculated from the size of the foyer. This is dependent on the size of the ceiling.Luxury Bathroom Chandelier top 25+ best bathroom chandelier The width needs to be 1 inch per foot of the width of the ceiling. This needs to be measured diagonally. For instance, an 18 inch wide fixture would prove out to be ideal in a 12×12 foot entrance.

The height of the fixture needs to be at least 3 inches per foot of the height of the room. For instance, you can have a fixture that is 24 inch high for an 8-foot ceiling. You also considerBathroom Chandelier view in gallery beautiful cascading chandelier the use of dimmers and switches while opting for a foyer chandelier. This will help you set the perfect tone of the room as per your mood and requirement. Having a dimmer is crucial for any light fixture.


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