How to identify a healthier led in touch light lamp

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Touch light lamps are widely used as table, desElegant Touch Light Lamp 2017 3 led touch k and bedside lamps, for mood lightening and vanity products like make-up mirror illumination. There has been a strong demand for after product in market that replaces the standard table lamps.

Touch light lamps usually come with LED lights. These come in various shapes and designs and are super attractive to add in your home decorations. But it is wise to have a healthier LED instead of anTrendy Touch Light Lamp silver touch lampy other. Look on the CRI of the bulb will help you to know the healthiness of the light. Closet you’ll ever get to a natural light with an LED is the one having an R9 CRI of about 97. Color temperature is another factor to be looked about while purchasing. It should be match to natural light as much as possible.

Physical color temperature –

It in simple terms means light teAwesome Touch Light Lamp rechargeable touch light, rtsumperature measured in degree kelvin (K). This can be applied to halogens, sunlight, candlelight, and incandescing lights. Maximum temperature of incandescent light is 3,000k and if the temperature goes any higher the filament melts.

Color temperature in correlation –

Appearance of light of the light to the human eye is known by this temperature. It is comparative measurement in oTouch Light Lamp 5 pack ipow led battery-poweredther words. Color temperature of light in Touch light lamps of 2700 K means that it is similar to the color temperature of natural light which has a physical temperature of 2,700 K.


It does not have same quality as that of the natural though same in appearance is the main problem of these lights. On a cellular level it is known that the light is not similar. DespTouch Light Lamp home design versailles two lightite its apparent, visible warmth the majority of the light is still cold, bluish white on the level of retina.

Color temperature of really bright lights is up to 6,500 K whereas the color temperature of Incandescent light bulbs is 2,700 K. then in case the better it is the more closer you are to incandescent light. Also lastly, an unavoidable component to no matter what is the digital compoTouch Light Lamp ... touch sensor switch lightnent.



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