How to have interesting lights outdoor for parties?

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With summer about to head, parties have shiftedOutdoor Lights For Patio backyard patio lights behjhdc from indoors to outdoors. Light play important role in setting the mood of any party. Having lights besides sitting arrangement makes guest feel special and party more enjoyable. But having to purchase these light can be expensive. We bring to you some awesome DIY for Lights Outdoor for parties –

Paper bag lanterns –

All you need for this DIY is paper bags and string LOutdoor Lights For Patio nice outdoor lighting patioED light. At the bottom of paper bag cut slit enough to insert your LED light bulb from the strings. Add paper bags to each bulb in the string and cover with colorful tape. You can add ribbons to other end of the bag to give it more appeal theme for party. Choose paper bags of bright colors like pink, yellow, orange and green, to beautify the look of the strings.

Tin lanterns –

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Take any desired sized steel tin. You may even get them at cheap rates for any hardware shops. You will need machine for this one and little knowledge about using it. In case you are not confident about it, ask a friend to help in. make small holes in the tins at various occasional places randomly. Add holder or hooks to it and paint them in colors your like. Add a string of LED lights in them Outdoor Lights For Patio santa barbara outdoor lightingor a bulb as you want. These beautiful tin lanterns can be placed anywhere from railing to gates or on a branch of tree.

Jar lanterns –

These are similar to tin ones but provide much rich and royal ambience. Use of colored or simple plain glass jars can be done. You will require candles here as you won’t want the mess of wires to be seen through transparent glasses. When thOutdoor Lights For Patio hang patio lights acrossese placed around sitting areas use of scented candles can also be done to enhance the ambience. These make up easy to prepare and cheap lights outdoor.

Cupcake lanterns-

In a similar manner like the use of paper bags, cupcake liners can also be used. Attractive cups are easily available in market. You will require to give a plus shaped small cut at the base and rest is similar.Outdoor Lights For Patio creative of outdoor lights>

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