How to diy your own copper pendant light

Pendant light look awesome and super stylish onCopper Pendant Light hanging copper cage lights dinner tables or any desks. But then they are equally expensive as well. This article will guide you to make your own Copper Pendant Light


– 10″ IKEA Photo pendant light
–  25’ copper wire, 2 packages
– (2) 10’ 1/2” copper pipe
–  Tube cutter
– Spray paint
– Marker
–  Steel Wool, 00Interior Copper Pendant Light copper pendant lamp00 grade
– Measuring tape

Method of making of Copper Pendant Light


This math might be difficult to do on your own so just follow these measurements. Draw a circle on a cardboard firstly and with the help of a protractor divide it in 5 sections. It will come to 72 degree per section. If in end you feel it is big for your pendant light trim the side down bUnique Copper Pendant Light godfrey copper pendant byy 7.25” or so.


Commonly silver, beige, red and green are the common color available, in case you want any other color you can spray few coats of mat or glossy spray paint on it.


You will need 30 pieces of length 7.5”, as an icosahedron has 30 equilateral edges. This can be tedious task so use small copper pipe cutter. Mark the pipe wiFashionable Copper Pendant Light pendant light in antiqueth a marker at 7.5” mark up to its entire length and with help of copper cutter, cut it.


After finishing 30 pieces use some 0000 grade steel wool to the marking ink from the pipe. It will also make copper piece shiny and fresh.


Assembly of these pieces will require patient and full attention. With the help of a copper wire and 3 pieces ofCopper Pendant Light full size of accessories:pendant lighting pipe make an equilateral triangle. Make more and keep adding them to one another. Just remember that five edges run to make an icosahedron and shape will begin to appear.

Now make sure your pendant lamp fits properly inside before you close the icosahedron entirely, if in case you forget that you will have to open it from one point and re- thread the wire.


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