How to choose the correct style for large lampshades

Large Lampshades black lamp shades qvuhfgb

At first you need to decide the shape of the shLarge Lampshades image of: extra large drum lamp ade you want. In case you have a lamp then you only need the shade to be replaced if you want larger size or shade of different shape. Different shapes have been described to help you to have correct pick –

Bell –

This shape fits well in any traditional home interior and it’s a traditional shape. This can be considered if you have oriental style lamps in your mind.

<Large Lampshades stunning large lampshades large size withb>Coolie –

Based on the style of the lamp this can be brought into use as traditional or contemporary look for the lamp.

Drum –

With geometric bases these drum shaped lamp shades go very well, creating a contemporary look. These ideal option for modern look décor.

Empire –

These the classic ones and can be fitted in any base.

Euro Large Lampshades the advantages of using large lamp

This type of shade has narrow mouth with wider body. It give house décor an ultra-modern look and never fails to impress.

Hexagonal –

Fan of having bold geometric figures in the house, this is prefect pick for you.

Rectangular / square –

These have usually lamps base of the similar shape. They fit well in both traditional and contemporarLarge Lampshades large lampshades extra large lamp shadesy look décor. When you are in mood of adding twist you can combines these shades with round or curved bases.

Length –

Having proper base size in the while buying large lamp shade is very important. Proportionality is important note the length of the base and the mount. Shade should not be greater than this value.

Height –

Height of the shade should be lLarge Lampshades extra large lamp shade xmdmqygimited to 60 % – 80 % of the added height of mount and base. In case of floor lamps, this should be up to 20 % while purchasing large lamp shades.

Width –

From the widest part of the lamp base the shade should be 2x times only. The widest part of the base should be measured and 2 times large lamp shade shade should be considered.

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