Highlight your living room with tripod floor lamp

Highlight your living room with tripod floor lamp

The tripod floor lamp is a mixture of modern and retro with its clean lines and traditional colours. The height can be adjusted on the base. The head of the lamp is aluminium with sheesham base and brass fittings. You can get it with two finishes. It can be tilted in four ways to direct light wherever you require.

A Tripod Floor Lamp that can meet your Requirements

A tripod floor lamp that can fulfil all your requirements is very difficult to find but the tripod lamps available are versatile, interesting and available in a wide range of styles. One of the tripod lamps that combine simplicity and elegance is cliff lamp. It is constructed from aluminium which is powder coated along with unfinished brass.

The light bulb is fitted at the top and is fully exposed. Most of the tripod lamps have lampshades which give them a stylish look and influence its overall design.

What makes Tripod Floor Lamp the Best Option?

The base of the tripod floor lamp is made of pine which makes it portable, lightweight, and adjustable. It is provided with rubber feet which ensure the lamp has a good grip and does not damage the floor. The lamp is without a shade and you can customize it  the way you like.

A tripod lamp works very well combined with industrial style. As a result of this combination you can get diverse outcomes in designs. The bases are very often made of reclaimed wood and metal. This particular model is a combination of industrial with vintage.

Advantages of floor lamps

Floor lamps are good in all types of styles and are wonderful in all types of decorations. They serve multiple functions of decoration and functionality. Tripods floor lamps can be casual and elegant at the same time. This makes them versatile and ideal for a lot of interior decorations.

In spacious living rooms with traditional fire places tripod floor lamps can be placed on either side providing a romantic décor. In many contemporary living rooms the tripod floor lamps blend modern and traditional décor in a harmonious style.

So, if you like to get tripod floor lamps for your living spaces choose the ones best suited to your décor.


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