Hanging beauty: chandelier

Beautifying one’s home is something everyone would take care of. This process of enhancing the appearance of a home must be planned carefully. Care must be taken to ensure that all the things used to beautify the view are selected so that they merge with the overall appearance. While working on the interior looks one of the most common things which are used by most people are chandeliers. These have been used as interior view enhancers from ancient times. They were first created in the 18th century and were then used in rich mansions and building. Chandeliers are found almost in every palace everywhere across the globe. Even today they find themselves selected by most people to beautify their interior. There are a wide range of chandeliers available in the market nowadays. They are available in a variety of designs and styles that are suitable to almost every home. There are some factors that need to be taken into account while choosing a chandelier for our home.

Type of chandelier:

There are lot of types of chandeliers available. To choose the one which is best suited for our home is indeed very important. Some chandeliers though costly may not be apt for the particular house. The most common material used to manufacture chandeliers is wrought iron. This is suitable because of their durability and versatility. Using this material various types and styles of chandeliers are manufactured. Brass is also used for making them. But brass is not ideally used to make chandeliers and the main reason for this is brass wears off quickly when compared to other materials. Crystal is also used nowadays used to make chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers are now gaining popularity among people because of the intricate designs that they are available in.


One other factor that must be taken into account seriously is the maintenance required. Ideally chandeliers that need minimum maintenance are preferred. But most chandeliers available nowadays require a lot of maintenance for example they need to painted every one and then to ensure that they remain beautiful. The whole idea backfires when the chandeliers are not properly maintained. Also the lights used in them must be carefully selected. They must be durable and energy efficient at the same time.


The size and length of the chandelier must be apt so that they do not look awkward. An oversize chandelier will not add to the interior beauty but will only adversely affect the appearance. When the size of the chandeliers is selected the dimensions and height of the room must also be considered.

All these factors must be considered and then a decision must be taken so that the chandelier chosen is worth the money spend on it.

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