Funky chandeliers design and styles

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Chandelier is something which is used for lightIdeas of Funky Bedside Lamps unusual bedside lamps ing purpose but it is more of a decorating item. Chandelier are designed with some basic styles and these are as under,


Traditional style
Contemporary looking chandelier
Modern design chandelier
Funky style
Luxurious crystal chandelier

The basic purpose of designing the chandelier is to provide lighting in a stylish manner. Usually decorative crystal chMaster Funky Bedside Lamps 25+ best bedside lampandeliers are used for decorating drawing room or halls fixtures. While the funky chandeliers are best to be fixed in living rooms or kids room.


For this style of chandelier it is stated that anything can go with this style. There are numerous attractive ways of designing these chandelier. With a little effort and interest funky chandeliers can be made at homCreative Funky Bedside Lamps funky bedroom lampse also. Here are some outstanding styles in funky chandeliers given as under,


This is a simple making chandelier that is quite cheap in pricing. All it need are 5 hula hoop of same or different colors. Now a funky chandelier can be made by overlapping these hula hoops with each other and nailing them at a common place. Only a single fluorescent bulb of high vFunky Bedside Lamps liquid lamp : appears tooltage is required to hang between these hula hoops. This chic style chandelier will give a thrilling feeling to the kid’s room. The cost price of making this chandelier will not range more than $30.


This is another example of funky chandeliers, here a nature inspired chandelier is formed with the help of two pieces of 36 inches and 2 pieces of 24 inches lonPopular Funky Bedside Lamps full image for coolg scrap wood and 10 mason jars bottle of different sizes. A rectangular frame is prepared by joining 4 wooden planks and fixing them with the help of nails. Now with the help of 8 eye nails the mason jars are hanged with the base of this wooden frame. Strings are tight with the mouths of the jar to hang them with different lengths. Here lighting is provided by fixing small low voltage battery operCool Funky Bedside Lamps 2 funky mid centuryated bulbs within the jars. For more decoration natural bushes from the plants are used to hide the wooden frame. These kind of funky chandeliers are the best decorative lighting system for the open patio.

Besides the above there are many more designs in funky chandeliers which are best to be placed in lounges and patios. Choose the best which matches the furniture and the color scheme of the place where these are fixed.


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