Embrace the past with victorian chandeliers

Embrace the past with victorian chandeliers


One of the most common lighting fixtures in big houses, town halls, auditoriums or any large rooms are chandeliers. They are very large and attractive fixtures that were used since the medieval times. The modern chandeliers take after the vintage ones with a lot more improvements. Chandeliers now come in various shapes sizes and colors and are made using materials like wood or iron. In medieval times, the rich usually used such costly items to showcase their social status. There are many types of chandeliers like modern, antique, crystal, Victorian, vintage, glass etc. Each Chandelier is uniquely designed and has its own intriguing look.

The old and the new

The Victorian chandelier is the type whose style was influenced by the chandeliers that were popular during the times Queen Victoria ruled England, which was from mid 1800s to early 1900s. There are chandeliers that actually existed during that time in market today which are sold through some antique shops and these are much more costlier than the other recreations that are available in the market. The modern recreations just resembles the appearance of the Victorian chandelier, it operates using electricity whereas the original vintage ones functions using gas. The original Victorian chandeliers are still distinguishable from its modern counterparts as the original were glossy. They were made up of glass mostly, and also had other fascinating items like beads, crystals, ornate and metal designs. There were so many interpretations and variations from the original design as different people had different tastes. One of the noticeable visual application of these chandeliers was that all the bulbs have individual glass houses of their own which are uniquely decorated. The bulbs will also sometimes have some metal finishes like bronze or chrome.


In the mid years, the Victorian chandeliers were placed in the common gathering room as it was the place everyone would surely come to and would be able to admire the chandelier. Even in the modern times, these chandeliers are mainly used in living rooms were guests arrive. It can also be used in the dining room, directly above the dining table centralized, both the places are where people gather around for occasions. Victorian chandeliers generally have from 4 to 20 or more depending on the size of the chandelier or the size of the room. These chandeliers also had adjustable chains that were used to adjust the height of the chandelier from the ground, these were highly convenient because the chandeliers could be hung from an appropriate height

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