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Basically lamps are of two kinds, table lamps aElegant Designer Table Lamps flynn lamp nd the standing or floor lamps. The purpose of both kind of lamps is to brighten the area where these are kept. From traditional to modern style there is a vast range of designer lamp available in the market.

Lamps are not only something to light up the area rather they are also used as a decorative item in the home or office. With a little effort anyone can get a designer lamp just matchinCool Designer Table Lamps antiqued glass table lampg the décor and color scheme of the home interior. Following are some of the most popular items in the list of designer lamps. Let us have a look at them.


This kind of designer lamp has an artistic arc-shaped look. These are the floor lamps and are available in different heights and with numerous shade styles. These lamps are the best to be kept in tDesigner Table Lamps led-ginger portable lamphe living room.



This designer lamp is a master piece of traditional architecture. This lamp is made by joining various wooden pieces of same shape and size in a haphazard manner with each consecutive piece supported by a low voltage bulb. The soft light emitted by this lamp leaves a tender and romantic impact on the area wheElegant Designer Table Lamps dyer lampre they are kept. The wooden texture of this lamp brings nature to the décor of the area.


This is a unique design where a medium sized globe is supported with a central light. The main feature of this designer lamp is the long curved stand which is made up of stainless steel. This lamp is perfect to be placed at a corner of a drawing room or living rooContemporary Designer Table Lamps textured glass lampm with a long arch stand reaching the center of the room.


This is a unique kind of designer lamp which works with a special technique. To light up this lamp a coin is to be inserted, the internal mechanism of this lamp makes it to switch on for a specific period of time interval. This is a latest innovation made by a popular designer Jethro Macey, and will be availaDesigner Table Lamps violetta lampble in the markets very soon. The basic idea behind designing this lamp is to highlight the idea of consumption through design and saving.


These mushroom shaped lamps are popular among kids very much. Their sharp colors and unique design make them a fun for everyone. Supported with LEDs, the drawback of this designer lamp is that it consumes lot of energy.


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