Create a wagon wheel chandelier all by yourself

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If you have an old Wagon Wheel Chandelier rustic wagon wheel chandelier ivcrkyh rustic room that doesn’t have any decent lighting than now is the time to get yourself a wagon wheel chandelier. However, most of the chandeliers available online and in stores are pretty expensive, and not everyone can afford it, but, you don’t have to worry about it because making a wagon wheel chandelier isn’t that difficult and anyone can make it from the comfort of their home. IWagon Wheel Chandelier 30 ncpgurtn this article, I will tell you the simple steps that you need to follow,


Fist and foremost, decide the number of mason jars you will require. The bigger the wagon wheel, the more jars will be needed. For now, don’t fix the wagon will but just place them and mark their spot by distributing them equally so that later on you won’t have any issues.

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The second step would be placing of the retainers on the wagon wheel. For this, you will need to drill holes so that the retainer is properly fixed and firm. Now head over to the middle of the retainers, over there you will find metal tabs that you need to fold over. These are important as they will hold the mason jars.


For the next step, you wiWagon Wheel Chandelier wagon wheel chandeliers for salell have to you will fix the adapters of the lamp firmly on the top of the mason jars. You will also need to clip the S-hooks as they will hold the chain together.


This step includes the installing of the ceiling hook. This hook will hold the entire chandelier. Therefore, it is important because it will decide the length of how low or high you want to hand you wagon wWagon Wheel Chandelier country wagon wheel chandelier 1heel chandelier. While installing the hook, it is important that you refer to the manufacturers guide so that any errors or mistakes are avoided.


Now is the time to attach the wagon wheel. Connect every part with the help of chains and hooks also you will need to place a bulb in every adapter.


The last step of the process is to place anWagon Wheel Chandelier large wagon wheel chandelier withd plug each electric cord into the extension.


These are the simple steps involved in making a wagon wheel chandelier all by yourself. However, if you are uncertain or not sure with the process, it is always recommended to hire or seek the help of a professional.


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