Chandelier fixtures – types and tips

Victorian Chandelier cambridge 25 light chandelier

Chandeliers are always successful in adding theHome Decor Victorian Chandelier camelot two-tier center bowl glam and grand component for any building or house. It is important for one to select the right kind of chandelier fixture for the house or the building. Sometimes with a wrong type of chandelier fixture, the place could end up giving a very confused outlook. The fact that the market comes in with a wide variety of chandelier fixtures, does not make it easy to select the right fixture either. HowVictorian Chandelier american victorian cut glass and gilt does one decide on the right fixture for a place?

Let’s take a look into the different types of chandelier fixtures available along with a few tips on where and how to use them.

Glass Fixture for Moderate Halls

The glass fixture is most favored and the most commonly found chandelier fixtures of all. It’s very tricky to select this fixture as it could easily overwheLuxury Victorian Chandelier walnut chandelier with 18 uplm the place where it is fit into. The interior decorators book of code says that the glass fixture must be typically used for rooms and halls which could occupy moderate number of people. This could range from 25 -50. For such halls or rooms, a medium or big glass chandelier fixtures could be used.

Crystal Fixture for Big Halls

The most expensive of all the chandelier fixtureVictorian Chandelier shown in heirloom silver finish is the crystal fixture, which is truly magnificent in appearance. This type of fixture has crystals embedded in to the framework. The lights dissipating through such fixtures make a starry appearance on the ceiling of the buildings. This is exactly the reason why they are most suitable for massive halls and auditoriums, where their beauty could be well appreciated. Apart from that, these fixturesVictorian Chandelier this a stunning victorian chandelier in are quite expensive.

Metallic Fixture for Moderate Halls And Small Rooms

This type of chandelier fixture is most common in houses, due to their modest appearance. They are best suited in a house which could accommodate 10-15 people. The best part about such a fixture is ease of availability and the variations. Being a metallic fixture, they come in a wide range of options, whVictorian Chandelier cambridge 15 light chandelierere one could see fixtures which are heavily crafted to plain ones. Each of them have their own uniqueness in terms of grandeur. The two most common metals used in such fixtures are:

Bronze fixture – As the name suggests, the metal framework is made of bronze. The bronze fixtures are generally heavily crafted and are found to be on the higher side in terms of expense.

Wrought Iron fixture – These fixtures are made of wrought iron, and are generally plain in appearance. They give a rusty look to the setting with their styles and the choice of metal.

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