Caring for unique chandeliers

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Unique chandeliers require special care in thatBeautiful Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen view in they have to be cleaned and maintained in the required manner so that they can perform their function.

How to clean unique chandeliers

Many people are scared of this job because it requires a lot of concentration and it is also fiddly and it has to be carried out methodically.

Step 1

Make sure that you disconnect your chandelier from the power supply, remContemporary Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen charleston 13ove any material under the chandelier and allow the bulbs to dry.

Step 2

Place a thick, soft material or blanket on the floor and ensure that it is directly under your chandelier. The main function of this blanket is to provide a safe landing spot in case you drop any prism from your unique chandelier.

Step 3

Carefully remove the bulbs from the chandelier Best Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen 6and set them aside in a safe place, pay close attention to the fragile parts of the chandelier. Unfasten all the wires that connect the prisms together and carefully release unscrew the screws to release the center art of the chandelier. Collect all the crystals and place them in a sink before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4

Cover the sink bottoms using bath towels, it is Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen on the high-techalso important to use plastic colanders because they will shield the delicate prisms. Make sure that you have two sinks that are well protected, one for washing the prisms from the chandelier and another one for rinsing them.

Step 5

Clean the prisms in sections by first removing crystals from one section of the chandelier to another and placing them on the bath towels.

MaGlass Pendant Lights For Kitchen interesting glass pendantke a soap solution using a mild soap and water
Wash each crystal from the chandelier
Rinse each prism in hot water
Wipe the crystals using a micro fiber towel

Step 6

When you are done with one section, replace them before proceeding on the next section of your unique chandelier. Repeat the procedure in step 5 until you clean all prisms from all sections of the chandelier.

Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen glass pendant lightsStep 7

Clean the frame of the chandelier using a rug damped in soapy water and the appropriate metal cleaner, rinse the frame thoroughly with lukewarm water and then dry the frame of the chandelier using a dry micro fiber towel. You have to ensure that the frame of the chandelier dries completely before proceeding.

Step 8

Carefully reassemble the fixture to its normal form and turn it on to confirm if you have done the correct job.


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