Bathroom chandelier lighting design and styles

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Chandelier is something which is used for lightConcept Contemporary Bathroom Lighting image of: large white ing purpose but it is more of a decorating item. Chandelier are designed with some basic styles and these chandeliers are designed for bathroom as well. Some of the styles of bathroom chandelier lighting are as under,

Styles in Chandelier:

Traditional style
Contemporary looking chandelier
Modern design chandelier
Funky style
Luxurious crystal chandelier

The basic purpose of Best Contemporary Bathroom Lighting 30 beautiful midcentury bathroomdesigning the chandelier is to provide lighting in a stylish manner. Usually simple chandeliers are best to be fixed in bathrooms.

Funky Chandelier:

For this style of chandelier it is stated that anything can go with this style. There are numerous attractive ways of designing these bathroom chandelier lighting. With a little effort and interest funky chandeliers can be made atContemporary Bathroom Lighting contemporary bath home also. Here are some outstanding styles in bathroom chandeliers given as under,

Hulla Hoop Chandelier:

This is a simple making chandelier that is quite cheap in pricing. All it need are 5 hula hoop of same or different colors. Now a funky chandelier can be made by overlapping these hula hoops with each other and nailing them at a common place. Only a single fluorescent buFashionable Contemporary Bathroom Lighting cool modern bathroomlb of high voltage is required to hang between these hula hoops. This chic style chandelier will give a thrilling feeling to the kid’s room. The cost price of making this bathroom chandelier lighting will not range more than $30.

Pendant Fixtures in Stainless Steel:

This type of bathroom chandelier lighting fixtures are best to be fixed in bathroom because of the material thBeautiful Contemporary Bathroom Lighting view in gallery aey are made. This lighting can be fixed above the bath tub in the bathroom so that the light falls directly on the tub. This is the best source of ample lighting for bathroom. It is a perfect example of contemporary style of lighting. Moreover, the stainless steel frame can match the other bathroom accessories which are used in the bathroom.

Fashionable Six Light Hanging Lights:

Majestic Contemporary Bathroom Lighting view in gallery modern

This type of bathroom chandelier lighting provides a chic style to the place where these are hanged. The main feature of this kind of pendant are the six globes of same shape but different colors that are hanged with different heights from the same base. The material used to make the globes is glass and the shape of the globes is round. The pendant has a polished chrome finish. The voltage of bulbs to be fixed depends upon the consumer choice. This style of lighting fixture is perfect to be used in bathrooms. The glass globe shades bring delicacy to this lighting fixture.

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